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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Eggert & Associates

What will my case cost?
Because every case is different, the fee charged for each case is determined on an individual basis. All of our cases are charged fees determined by the amount of time spent on the case by both attorney and legal assistant. We require retainers to be deposited to secure payment of our fees.
Will I have to pay the General Excise Tax for your services?
In most cases, the General Excise Tax (GET) will be charged on our fees, at the lawful rate of 4.166%.
Why are you only available by appointment?
Because Mr. Eggert has a multi-state practice and divides his time between his Hawaii and Oregon offices, he is only available for in-office meetings by advance appointment. Our clients are welcome to call or email at most any time.
Should clients research legal issues on their own?

I am in full support of clients educating themselves on rights, opinions, duties, how the courts work, and applicable laws to situations in which they find themselves. However, due to the complexity nature of the law, seeking advice or assistance from an attorney will benefit most people. In other words, just as people can fix their own cars to a certain degree, having the help of a mechanic is often a better alternative. In a similar way, attorneys are always here to help with legal issues that arise.

If a client prepares a document him/herself would you be willing to review it?

If a client has ideas regarding the contents of their documents, I am glad to receive their input. I am willing to offer constructive feedback wherever that might be helpful, as well.

Your Attorney at Law in Kona

Over the course of your career, what education and experience has helped you improve as a lawyer?

The simple answer is this: Everything in my life has contributed to my becoming a better lawyer. The first example of this principle is the practical insight I have gained into family law through my own marriage and children. Additionally, I am able to maintain humility and an understanding of where I fit into the world through my faith. Regularly attending church maintains my spirit as I interact with legal issues at work. I would also say learning from my own mistakes and shortcomings has provided beneficial growth for future cases. To summarize, the best way to be a better lawyer is simply to be human!

What influenced your decision to become a lawyer?

My mother worked as a legal secretary for many years which meant I spent hours and hours at her law firm after school. As I grew up, I always admired the work of attorneys which, combined with the desire for a career helping people, I found practicing law would be the best way to do just that.

How did you arrive at the decision of your primary practice area?

Through family law, I get to help people with the most important areas of their lives. Humans have basic, everyday needs such as friendship, contact with their children, family, and financial stability. Family law relates to these essential components of life. In addition to the day-to-day nature of this practice area, it is one of the most complicated and needed legal subsets. 

Can you describe your law firm?

We are small but mighty! While I do work in both Kona and Oregon, I continually invest in the necessary resources so I can address client needs regardless of my location on a given day. 

What stands out in your career as the favorite or best part?

Whether for the best or worst, I get to be in charge of my own practice as managing partner. Every day I come into work knowing that the only people I work for are my clients and myself.

How would you describe your style and strengths?

I am a firm believer in the tortoise’s philosophy of “slow and steady wins the race,” but I maintain the ability to jump into a sprint for the benefit of my clients. To dive deeper, my primary strengths lie in my ability to stay focused over a long-term strategy as it plays out and to provide education and information to my clients, other attorneys, and the courts.

What are your personal interests?

Spending time with my wife and children is one of my favorite pastimes. I also enjoy worship, participating in my church choir, and keeping up with current events.

Bar Admissions

  • Oregon State Bar – 1996
  • Oregon Federal District Court – 1996
  • Washington State Bar – 1997
  • Utah State Bar – 1997
  • Hawaii State Bar – 2014
  • Hawaii Federal District Court – 2014

Association Memberships

  • Oregon State Bar Family Law Section
  • Oregon State Bar Debtor-Creditor Section
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Marion County Bar Association


  • Oregon State Bar
  • Washington State Bar
  • Utah State Bar
  • Hawaii State Bar
  • West Hawaii Bar Association

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