Uncontested Divorce

The vast majority of divorces are by individuals who represent themselves, and many of those cases are uncontested. Why is this so? Simply put, an uncontested divorce is cheaper, faster, easier, and much more emotionally positive than is a contested divorce. It’s been proven time and again that persons who get an uncontested divorce are happier with the outcome than are persons who have a knock-down drag-out contested divorce.

Do I Need to Hire an Uncontested Divorce Attorney?

Why hire an uncontested divorce attorney? Even though you have an agreement, making that agreement happen in the family court is complicated. Maybe you can do without the income and expense statement and the asset and debt statement; maybe it’s required. You agree to a specific child support number; getting there requires the right words and the right information. The house is going to be sold or refinanced; how that happens and what happens if things go wrong must be considered. The court clerks expect things to be done a certain way; getting it right the first time is important.

What sets Eggert & Associates Apart from the Rest?

At Eggert & Associates we take uncontested divorce seriously. You’re hiring us to prepare your documents the right way, and to make sure that you deal with all the things that must be done. It’s the difference between having the idea and knowing how to get it done.

Your uncontested divorce will cost less than a contested divorce because we have to do less work. Yes, we cost more than those paralegal services. Not only will we prepare your paperwork we will also advise you on the issues involved in your case, help you to develop your agreement more fully, and get you through the courts instead of just handing you a packet of forms to file yourself. In short, it’s worth the extra cost to have your uncontested divorce done right, once. Contact us today to get started.