What does the end of DACA mean to me?

DACA came to an end in early October 2017, and my clients have been asking “What does the end of DACA mean to me?” The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program gave thousands of immigrants a breather, but now it’s time to assess other options.

The purpose of DACA was always to provide opportunities.

To be able to work a job, start a family, finish trade school or college, all without the fear of being deported. DACA was never the final answer though.

With the end of DACA, immigrants need to reassess their options. One very good option for many is to have a US Citizen relative petition for them. This usually means a US Citizen spouse would file an I-130 Petition for an Alien Relative. The DACA immigrant spouse would still need to obtain an unlawful presence waiver, but if you qualified to DACA, chances are you qualify for that waiver too.

The end of DACA means that until something better comes along, we have to look at more traditional options. Contact a qualified immigration attorney to discuss what might work for you.

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