Why should I pay for a divorce lawyer?

I’m often asked by prospective clients, “Why should I pay for a divorce lawyer?” The answer is usually found in my own question back, “So why did you call me?”

Simply put, we divorce lawyers know much more about divorce law and procedure than do our clients. In my firm, we lawyers have a combined nine years of law school, six state Bar admissions, twenty-nine years in practice, countless hours of study, and more than a thousand cases behind us. How much experience does the typical divorcing client have compared to this?

That’s not to say that we know everything in every case – no lawyer does. But if you’re getting a divorce you should pay for a divorce lawyer because of the experience and knowledge we bring to the table. The advantages that brings to you in your case are enormous.

One real practical example I see almost weekly involves the house. I’ve lost track of how many times someone had a do-it-yourself divorce and the decree simply says the other party gets the house. They come to me years after the divorce and want to force the other party to sell the house or refinance it, so as to get my potential client out from under the loan. This do-it-yourself or paralegal prepared form doesn’t say anything about sale or refinance, and so there’s usually nothing that can be done. If this person had paid for a divorce lawyer the first time around, the decree would have had language in it to protect against this circumstance.

Sure, a divorce lawyer may cost thousands of dollars, but it’s nothing compared to the expense and grief that can come years after the do-it-yourself divorce.

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