Speeding ticket defense in Kona

A speeding ticket in Hawaii is often not just a traffic ticket, but instead is a criminal charge that can lead to long-term consequences for you and your driving privileges.

Many people driving the Saddle Road find themselves going as fast as they are used to driving on the mainland, sometimes 80 miles per hour or faster. Before you know it, the unmarked Hawaii Police Department SUV is pulling you over and the officer writing his 98th speeding ticket of the day.

In Hawaii, if you are caught driving 80 miles per hour or more, or 30 miles or more over the limit, it’s a crime called Excessive Speeding. A petty misdemeanor, Excessive Speeding carries mandatory sentencing including:

  • 30 day driver license suspension
  • Community service or jail
  • Fines of $500 or more

Your speeding ticket defense needs to start right away. If you live on the mainland, you should hire an attorney who can make some of your court appearances for you so you don’t have to come back to Hawaii until major hearings. Your speeding ticket defense attorney will also negotiate with the prosecutor, prepare and file necessary motions, and prepare your best defense.

Please note that Eggert & Associates defends serious speeding tickets, those that are actually criminal offenses. We are not working on infractions and violations at this time.

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