Every person charged with a misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor or most minor felonies in Kona Hawaii is entitled to post bail as a matter of right. If you are charged with a DUI, disorderly conduct, abuse of a household or family member, excessive speeding, or some other crime, you can get out of jail pending trial by posting bail.

If you’ve been arrested and taken to the police department, bail is posted at the police station. If you’ve been given a ticket or summons to go to court instead, bail is posted at the courthouse. For most petty misdemeanors, we see bail amounts of between $500 and $1,000 required. Once bail is posted, you or the person who posted it will be able to get it back at the end of the case as long as you make all court appearances. If you post your own bail, some of it may be kept by the court and used to pay fines and fees due upon conviction.

Bail Bond office building - Posting Bail

A bail bondsman may be necessary if you cannot afford bail yourself. The bondsman will post your bail for you, and take money, real estate, financial securities, and more into his possession to guarantee the bail he posts will be collected back in the event you fail to appear in court. The bondsman charges a fee for this service.

We’ve seen cases where on petty misdemeanors the bail bondsman’s fee is equal to or larger than the bail you would have had to post yourself. We have to recommend that you post your own bail and use a bail bondsman only for more serious crimes.

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